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Benjamin Higginbotham

Chief Operating Officer

West Coast Retine

"Other solutions that I’ve used have been expensive compared to functionality, overly rigid with deployment of services, and usually difficult for patients to use. Vital Interaction is none of these things and has allowed me to push forward with automating practice operations to provide better value for our population and reduce staff burdens."

Recover Patient Appointments 

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Automatically target patients who cancelled or no showed and didn't reschedule

Automate follow-ups on recall and reactivation attempts as well as complex workflows outside of appointment reminders

Target patients that have not been seen in a predefined period of time and do not have a future appointment

Automated Follow-ups & Workflow

Patient Retention Reactivation

Want to see how the most profitable practices engage their patients? 

Vital Interactions' proprietary Smart List Engine's technology is helping practices retain and grow their patients at unprecedented levels. Schedule a demo and find out what it's all about. 

Creating better experiences for providers, patients, and staff

"VI offered a platform that was easy to navigate and use right from the start. Additionally, they offered multiple features that integrated with our current EMR system, helping us to automate some of our processes. This was something we did not experience with our previous patient notification system."


Practice Administrator

Austin Eye 

Streamline Patient Communications

and Build Lasting Relationships

"Actively seeing return on investment. Would highly recommend Vital to anyone looking for this kind of software."

Renee McWilliams

Practice Administrator

Women's Clinic of Lincoln